Thursday, September 23, 2010

...And then there was one

So, here's a blog I decided to make. I figured it would be based around concepts and ideas that make ones head hurt. Like imagining the vastness of space, multi-verses, and other paranormal-esque themes. Shit's deep, man.

Also just random stuff I find interesting. Vidya gaems, art, the future, the past, hopes, dreams, all rolled into a giant ball and turned into a burning star.

It'll be awesome, yo. Follow me and I'll follow you. IT'LL BE A FUCKIN' PARTY.


  1. Here's one of the great unanswerable questions that I always enjoy, maybe write something about it.

    Is your blue the same as my blue?
    How will I ever know if what I see as blue you also see as blue and not some other color which we both have been told that is blue. I see no way to test this theory as someone will always have to observe and you cant make it objective, let me know what you think and check out my blog as well =p

  2. OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT I've wondered the same thing a ton of times. Better yet, how do you explain color to someone who was blind at birth?

  3. Yeh that's not really the unanswerable question you think it is. Blue is just a frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum that we can perceive. In this way you could probably explain it quite clearly to a blind person as well.

    I think you're probably more getting at the concept of whether or not anything outside our own mind even exists, which great philosophers such as Descartes explored.

    But Smithhy I think this is a great way to stimulate some lively conversations.

  4. I do hope so cjp. I love talking about this kind of stuff, especially when I'm a bit loopy.